Being stuck inside when it’s raining can be difficult as you can get bored. Many of us enjoy playing a nice game outside with friends in the sun. But what do you do when you cannot access that? There are still many games you can manage to play while staying indoors. Keep reading to find out more. 

Types of indoor games to play inside include 

Table tennis

Table tennis is an excellent game to play with a partner indoors. If you are unable to access the outdoors, have a great match of table tennis. It keeps you busy and engaged and makes up for a great party game. The next time you are stuck inside, whether it is from rain or the current pandemic, you no longer will have to stay bored for the whole day. Play a game of table tennis with your roommate and see the difference in your moods. 

Carom board 

Carom board is an excellent game for people who prefer thinking and putting skills in your game. It takes effort and pure thought to win at it. Plus, it’s a great game to play during the day and pass the time while waiting for something. Carom board is an excellent game to play. A typical game takes around twenty to thirty minutes and keeps you fully engaged. You will be so interested in trying to win and have loads of fun. 


Billiard is a tasteful game for people who prefer staying indoors and playing. Billiard takes more thought, skill, and effort while playing. If you have a few friends to play with, billiard may be your best bet. Try having a game with your friends and enjoy. 

Ending thoughts 

As concluded, these are a few games that you can try playing when you are inside. If you cannot go outside, try one of these games to keep yourself busy throughout the day.



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