Spending a day at the beach is one of the best things you can do in the summer. Especially if you are going out with your friends, you can try playing several games at the beach with your friends. Keep reading if you would like to know what other games you can play at the beach with your friends to enjoy a summer day. 

The types of games you can play on the beach include 

Beach volleyball 

Beach volleyball is an excellent game to play while you are at the beach with your friends. You can spend a whole day playing it. The cold sand feels amazing in your feet as you run to toss the ball to the other team. The game can be loads of fun and will have you yelling and screaming from excitement. If you think regular volleyball is fun, try playing it on the beach with a group of your friends. There is a chance of strangers at the beach joining your game so have fun! 

Play Tag 

Playing tag is another excellent option to play at the beach. If you like running on the cold and wet sand with your friends, then make sure you play this. It will keep you super entertained throughout the day while you have fun at the beach in a long game of tag. Plus, running will count as an excellent source of exercise for you. If you think you can have fun playing tag, try it on the beach! 

Beach Football 

Football is already one of the most fun and active games out there; however, playing it on the beach makes it that much better. You get to create games and invite your friends or other people from the beach who would be more than happy to join your game. 


As discussed, if you are at the beach looking to find some games to play, try out any one of these!



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